Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dos Manos Mexican Restaurant

My friend and i were talking about food back home and she said she missed her mom's Mexican cooking so much but that she knew a place where the food was pretty close to what she would get back home, this place is called DOS MANOS.

I was very excited to know about a new Mexican place, i love Mexican food and haven't had much luck finding a place that has more than tacos and taco rice in their menus.
So i couldn't wait to try this place.! :)
We went on a saturday for lunch, we were not sure abut their hours but lucky us it was open and we were the first ones there! lol 

DOS MANOS is near gate 2, very easy to find and close to base.

In their menu they have all kind of different dishes, a lot of different Mexican beers  and prices are not bad at all and portions are big.
We had some green enchiladas (green tomato sauce), pork tamales, a big enchilada with red sauce (tomato sauce) it was all so delicious!  

We will be back to try some more!

There is a parking lot right in front of the restaurant.
They have English and Japanese Menu 


Sunday, June 10, 2012

FLEX bar and grill

Yesterday my husband and I decided to try the Jamaican restaurant FLEX.
It was easy to get there and the food was good too!
Friendly staff and nice place.
The prices start from ¥840 and portions are good.
We really liked it and will be back'
They also have seats outside facing the beach :)

Directions: here is a map! lol

Jerk Pork

Jerk Chicken

The Bar

Jerk Chicken Taco Rice

The Menu

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Went to the Shujiro Castle in a rainy day.
It was still very interesting to see all the castle and know the story about it.
the entrance is only 800 yen!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



My friends have been taking me to all these delicious places that i had to share!
well, im just posting pictures of the food because as usual i didnt take picture of the place :(
but let me know if you wanna know where the places are and Ill ask my friends and tell you how to get there!

first i went to a sushi place at American Village!
went there for lunch, which is until 15:00. It was delicious and so CHEAP for the amount of food you get!! :)
*California rolls
*Mixed tempura
*Macaroni salad
*Potato salad
*Sweet potato flan (dessert)
*Ice cream
it was less 980 yen and thy had different options.. I got the sushi one!


The crab shack! (not the real name) lol
it was really good, the set was 850 yen for the set that included fries and a drink.

We found this girl there too! :) so  cute!


You choose the size of your cup, then theres a line of different flavors of frozen yogurt then you choose your toppings and VOILA!
price depends on how much it weights.


Great place and cheap!

As every girl.. I LOVE TO GET MY NAILS DONE!

OK. so since we still haven't got a house and I still don't have a job..
I've got all this free time during the day while Mike is at work, so what else is there to do other than GETTING YOUR NAILS DONE? ;)
I've been looking online for nail salons and trying to decide where to go.
There's plenty of them! all of them with different Menu's and Prices...
I lived in Tokyo for almost 5 years and though doing my nails here will be cheaper but i was wrong!
Prices are about the same and depending on the salon might be a little cheaper/more expensive.
One of my friends told me about the place she goes to, its called ASIAN at American Village.
she said they are pretty good and the price is not bad. she also gave me this card which is for customers to give to their friends so they get more people to go.
I decided to give it a try and go to Asian...
The place is really easy to find just look for a big sign "ASIAN NAIL SALON"
sorry i didnt take a picture of the place but here is their link and they have an access map!
I went there without making a reservation and lucky for me they had time! i only had to wait for like 15 minutes while the girl finished doing another girl's nails!
The staff is very friendly and most of them speak english, im sure you will understand them!
so i decided to get a standart course which was the cheapest and you can only choose from gradation or one color with 2 nail's art.
i got a turquoise gradation and after 60 min this is how it turned out!!

I was actually very happy with the results! and because of the card that my friend gave me to introduce me as a new customer i got 500 yen off so it was only like 2400 yen for my gel manicure!
You guys should definitely check it out!


I was pretty happy with my manicure but i wanted to try different nail salons so i could see which one is the best and weather I'd go back or not ;)
This time for my pedicure i decided to stay on base (kadena) and try their salon!
once i got to the BX i saw that there's actually 2 places, the day i went "The Spa" was full so i decided to check out the other place which is called Simply Perfect Nail.
I wasnt sure if i should get a QUICK PEDICURE (2500) or a BASIC PEDICURE (3500) the difference was that for 1000 you would get art in 2 nails (big toes) and a massage.
I though a massage sounded good so i got the BASIC PEDICURE.

well, I wasnt very impressed with the massage.. It was so fast! less than a minute each leg.. I didn't think that massage was worth the 1000 more.. but the girl was pretty good at doing nail art! it was actually really neat and it looked like a nail seal but she actually do it with a very thin brush and it was very fast though.

here is a pic of the final result. I liked it, but i would definitely try another place next time.

actually after i got my pedicure done my friend told me about COCOK nail salon.
is also pretty popular and according to my friend they do nail art in every nail not only 2!
so i need to check out that place and I'll let you guys know how it went!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trendy bags&shoes for this Spring/Summer!

Have you heard about Studio Boheme's honey Badger bags & shoes!!??
I had the chance to model for them!! <3

check out their website (link below) 
you can customize your own bag/shoes!  
get yours now and get 
ready to rock this spring/summer :)